Dr. Mohammad Zahirul Islam, an eye physician and surgeon introduces himself as Ochinpuri. He was born in 1968 at village Betsandi under Thana Biswanath of Sylhet district of Bangladesh. His birthplace is very close to Rampasha, home of HASON RAJA – icon of bangla spiritual song. Father of Ochinpuri is SadhokMoyna, lyricist of many spiritual (moromi, murshidi) and his mother is Saleha Begum, occasional rural singer of “Sylhetibiyergan” Ochinpuri was brought up in rural environment up to early adulthood. In his early childhood he started his lesson in rural maktab and gained reputation in reciting holy Quran (qirat) and Islamic qasidah in many Islamic gathering (Jalsa). Subsequently he became attracted by ‘sylhetibaul songs’ especially of Qari Amir Uddin, Shah Abdul Karim, Shafiqunnoor, etc. For study purpose, he migrated to Chhatak of Sunamgonj district and got admitted in Cement factory school. The school premise was very close to ‘durbintilla’ of legend folk singer Durbin shah. He passed SSC in 1984 and stood first in Sunamgonj district. He passed MBBS from Sylhet Osmani Medical College in 1994, passed MS in Ophthalmology (eye specialty) from BSM Medical University in 2004. He did some fellowship training in retina and laser sub specialty from India. He has been serving as an employee under ministry of health and family welfare of Bangladesh Government. He has set up an eye hospital “Shahjalal Vision Center” at Kamrangirchor, Dhaka for the poor and underprivileged people. He has set up “Saleha Eye Care” at Sylhet city to serve the people of his native land, Sylhet. At present he is working as Assistant Professor at National Institute of Ophthalmology & Hospital, Sher-e-bangla Nagar, Dhaka. He is the father of two sons, Hanzala and Hamza. His beloved wife is Sharifunnesa Chowdhury, a doctor and social worker.
Dr. Mohammad Zahirul Islam


Ochinpuri believes human life is a part of long journey that starts from ‘Alom-e-arwah (unseen place of souls – ochinpur)’ and meets its eternal part ‘(akhirat – ochinpur)’ after a physical death. Every human being has come from ochinpur and will leave this transitory world to go permanently to ochinpur again. From this point every human being is ‘Ochinpuri’ in real sense.


Dress reflects the mind and internal status of a person. Ochinpuri thinks he is always a guilty person to Allah and he will certainly be punished for his wrong activities as such he is a prisoner. A person in prison finds himself in a limited place where he can do nothing as his own desire. On this earth a believer find himself always under supervision of Allah, he can do nothing without the will of Allah. Ochinpuri finds this world as a prison for him and he lives like a prisoner who has very limited liberty to control his interior and exterior.
  • • অচিনপুরী আল্লাহ মালিকের কাছে চির অপরাধী (শাস্তিযোগ্য কয়েদী)
  • • দুনিয়াতো অচিনপুরীর আসল বাসস্থান নয়।এটা বিচারের জন্য অপেক্ষমাণ অচিনপুরীর জন্য একটি কয়েদ খানামাত্র।
  • • কয়েদী যেমন নিজের ইচ্ছামাফিক চলতে পারেনা , তেমনি অচিনপুরী চায় নিজেকে শুধু খোদাপাকের ইচ্ছার কাছে সমর্পণ করতে।


It is an organization that works for production, presentation and distribution of music. Primarily it is involved with music created and owned by Dr. ZahirOchinpuri. In general it works with all basic and advanced musics especially banglamusics. Ochinpurimusics deal with following patterns of music:
1. Music on unseen spiritual issues:
  • a. Songs dedicating Allah
  • b. Songs dedicating Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)
  • c. Songs for life hereafter
  • d. Islamic songs
  • e. Murshidi songs
  • f. Moromi songs
  • g. Baul songs
  • h. Others
2. Music on seen practical human issues:
  • a. Love songs
  • b. Songs for humanity
  • c. Sad songs
  • d. Songs of patriotism (DesherGan)
  • e. Parody song
  • f. Funny songs
  • g. Songs on various life events
  • h. Others