About Us

Ochinpuri Musics is an organization that works for production, presentation and distribution of music. Primarily it is involved with music created and owned by Dr. Zahir Ochinpuri. In general it works with all basic and advanced musics especially bangla musics. Ochinpuri musics deal with following patterns of music:
1. Music on unseen spiritual issues:
  • a. Songs dedicating Allah
  • b. Songs dedicating Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)
  • c. Songs for life hereafter
  • d. Islamic songs
  • e. Murshidi songs
  • f. Moromi songs
  • g. Baul songs
  • h. Others
2. Music on seen practical human issues:
  • a. Love songs
  • b. Songs for humanity
  • c. Sad songs
  • d. Songs of patriotism (DesherGan)
  • e. Parody song
  • f. Funny songs
  • g. Songs on various life events
  • h. Others